HealthMarkets Answers Mobile Queries with a Human Touch Via the Yext Knowledge Engine


「The service element of what Yext offers is a really big deal. From day one, the Yext team showed such a willingness to solve my core problems. They are forward-thinking and consistently go above and beyond to make sure we are optimizing our local presence and identifying potential opportunities for improvement. We rarely have to ask the questions because they continually anticipate what we're looking for.」

Mike Stahl, CMO
137% Increase in Page Views
1,434 Agents Live on Yext
243% Increase in Facebook Likes

1984年に設立されたHealthMarketsは、個人、家族、中小企業、および高齢者にハイタッチ、カスタマイズされた健康保険および補助保険ソリューションを提供するテクノロジー型の健康保険市場です。「米国最大の独立系保険会社の1つとして、Aetna、UnitedHealthcare、Cigna、Humana、Blue Cross Blue Shieldなど200を超える保険会社を代表しています」とChief Marketing OfficerのMike Stahlは述べています。「メディケアに民間保険、50人未満の従業員がいる小規模企業、仕事や政府を通じて保険を受けていない家族や個人を補完した高齢者は、私たちに来る。私たちのサービスは完全に無料です」と彼は説明します。「HealthMarkets.comでオンラインで作業しているため、全国の利用可能なプランをマーケットで購入したり、見積もりをしたり、コールセンターのオペレーションによって年中無休で登録することができます」Stahlは付け加えます、米国各地の3,000以上の地元のヘルスマーケットの代理店とがYextを導入する市場です!


保険代理店の重要性は、携帯電話の登場とともに逆説的に重要になってきました。HealthMarkets.comへのトラフィックの3分の1はモバイルです。「これでもアクセスは少ないと思います!」とStahlは言います。それにもかかわらず、保険は何らかの形でオンラインで取引する簡単な製品ではありません。"私は人々が何千人もの人々がいつも取引するとは言っていません。しかし、私たちには数十万の人がサイトをみています。私たちは多くの人々がオンラインで内容を検討しています。登録業務になるとスマートデバイスでは一段と難しくなり、小さな画面では指数関数的に難しくなります。 これは、消費者の検討の過程、詳細な検討、見積もり そのフォローや質問の少なくとも一部が、、電話やタブレットでますます起こるということです。

ヘルスサービス業界での取引の大半は個人で行われることから、HealthMarketsのモバイルマーケティング戦略では、オンラインサービスではなくオフライントラフィックを対象としています。”モバイル検索は私たちにとって非常に重要ですが、その違いは、保険ではオンラインの多くは検索を対象としているということです”とStahlは言います。”健康保険のように個人的なもの(しばしば複雑なもの)を購入するときは、小さなモバイル画面で行うことは非常に難しい”保険は物理的な製品ではないため、物理的な位置要素は現地の代理店になります。”商工会議所、教会、ユダヤ協会、ボランティア活動などで広く知られている、地域社会の柱である全国3000の代理店が全国にあります。”Yext Listingsを通してこれらの代理店を見つけるお客様が増えています。

With 3,000 Agents Nationwide, Local is Core Element of Success

HealthMarkets’ local-oriented model with its human touch is unique to the industry and differentiates it from its competitors who are all focused on online. As such, the word "local" has a special meaning for Stahl and his team. "With over 3,000 agents, they are the answer to the question of people searching for health insurance offerings in a specific location, local to them," explains Stahl. "While many people are willing to do most of it online, there are many that want to meet with someone in person first or at least talk on the phone with a local professional. Our local agents are the answer to these queries, and they are what differentiate us from online pure-play competitors."

これは、消費者の検討の過程、詳細な検討、見積もり そのフォローや質問の少なくとも一部が、、電話やタブレットでますます起こるということです。これは企業レベルでのインタネット上の情報を正確にするためには大きな投資を必要とするでしょう。「われわれは、人々が地域での検索を行っているときに、すべてのエージェントを宣伝するより、より良い仕事をする必要があると感じました。その大部分は、ローカルのリスティングとディレクトリサイト全体のオーガニック検索結果のランキングを改善し、人々がローカルの代理店や支店を見つけられるようにできるだけ簡単にすることでした」とStahlは説明します。さらに複雑な問題は、代理店が物理的な場所よりも移動性と回転率が高いという事実でした。保険会社が常に変化するインタネットの情報を企業レベルで管理することは非常に困難です。 「最初は、これを従来の方法で行い、手動ですべてのサイトにデータを送信することについて話し合った。さまざまなリスティングとディレクトリのサイトを調査し始めたとき、それがYextの包括的なナレッジエンジンで実現可能であることを発見し、それが必要な解決策であることがわかったのです」とStahlは回想します。

Yext Platform Provides Unmatched Control and Unprecedented Data

Stahl’s team was intrigued when they discovered that The Yext Knowledge Engine would enable them to manage and update their digital knowledge automatically for every agent location, from one comprehensive dashboard. The Yext Knowledge Engine enables brands like HealthMarkets to manage the digital knowledge about their people, places, and products across their websites, mobile apps, internal systems, and the entire PowerListings® Network — over 100 maps, apps, search engines, GPS systems, and social networks including Google, Apple, Facebook, Bing, and Yahoo.


Clean Digital Knowledge Drives Improved Local Engagement

Soon after completing a preliminary pilot with Yext’s Listings product for a sample group of 300 agents, HealthMarkets launched a full rollout and now has over 1,434 agents live on the platform. Yext’s data cleansing technology helped HealthMarkets correct over 627,000 name, address, phone number (NAP), and website errors. "It was fantastic to see how Yext cleared up all the NAP information. That made a great foundational baseline off which we could build our digital marketing efforts." Since the full rollout, HealthMarkets has seen a 63% lift in search impressions for its local listings.

Once Stahl and his team were satisfied with the foundation of clean digital knowledge they had built through Yext, they began to explore the other ways Yext could help them enhance their digital engagement and empower their insurance agents in their own local marketing, particularly on Facebook. "Facebook management is valuable to us, and we struggled with it prior to Yext," concedes Stahl. "We wanted to empower our agents to have a personalized voice in their social media presence, but our industry’s strict compliance regulations make it very risky for us to give thousands of local agents free reign to say whatever they want without corporate approval." Luckily, Yext had a seamless solution for this problem too. Yext’s Listings’ integration with Facebook allows for extensive customization of permission settings and posting access, so HealthMarkets could maintain control of its brand message, while also helping its agents enhance their local marketing.

Yext Builds Custom Social Media Management Set-Up Due to Industry’s Compliance Regulations

The Yext team worked with HealthMarkets to build a custom system for its Facebook dashboard, giving individual agents access to login and manage their Listings and Facebook presence from Yext and to post directly from the platform. Yext also helped HealthMarkets add the Enhanced Content Lists feature to its account, so it can highlight the agency’s products and services and so that agents are able to create customized bios to highlight their areas of expertise. "Yext helped us create nice, branded Facebook pages for each local agent, and we can push corporate content out through those pages," explains Stahl. "Many of our agents don’t feel inclined to be very active on social media, so we wanted to make sure we still had control of each Facebook page at the corporate level, while giving each agent log-in access to a personal local page so the agent can go into the Yext platform and make updates if desired." The Yext team also conducted rigorous training exercises with the local agents, including an instructional webinar, to ensure they were optimizing the benefits of the Yext partnership for HealthMarkets’ local engagement.

A critical element of this social media initiative involved not just agent empowerment but also customer empowerment—in the form of online reviews. "Yext has great review monitoring, which has been really valuable for us. We have consistently high star-ratings with positive customer feedback, which besides being nice to see, is also a huge source of data and testimonials that we can use in our own marketing." For Stahl, critical feedback from customers is just as valuable as positive reviews. "We can drill down and see if there are problems at local branches or with individual agents that might need to be addressed," explains Stahl. "To be able to have all of that captured in one comprehensive dashboard is extremely helpful."

The results clearly show HealthMarkets’ investment in local social media has helped the brand significantly improve its awareness and widen its customer reach. Powering Facebook through Yext allowed the brand unprecedented control and visibility of its Facebook community’s engagement, generating a 137% increase in page views and capturing "talking about this" references which peaked at 134% above baseline levels. Customers are also engaging more directly: the brand’s Facebook Likes have increased by 243% and Were Here check-ins have increased by a staggering 417%.

While Stahl and his team could not be happier about these numbers, they claim that it is the Yext team’s customer service that has taken the partnership to the next level. "The service element of what Yext offers is a really big deal. From the beginning, Yext’s team showed such a willingness to help me solve my core problems," praises Stahl. "They are forward-thinking and consistently go above and beyond to make sure we are optimizing our local presence and identifying potential opportunities for improvement. We rarely have to ask the questions because they continually anticipate what we’re looking for."

Looking Ahead, Leveraging Digital Knowledge Remains Top Priority

"We are the only local-oriented insurance agency in the country, with competitors that are online only, which means we are always the right answer when consumers search for local health insurance. We see Google and Yahoo as just the Q&A portals, and we are always the answer," explains Stahl. "This means that it’s our job to make sure every searching customer finds the right answer. And that’s where Yext has been an invaluable asset to our company. Yext ensures potential customers always find HealthMarkets in local search results, and we plan to continue exploring how Yext’s platform can help us drive more local customers through our branches’ front doors."